1972 Chevelle Engine Wiring Harness

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1972 Chevelle Engine Wiring Harness

Posted by Bouthillier Abel on Tuesday, 5 November, 2019 14:36:44

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A Chevelle & Malibu wiring harness, or a wiring harness set, are intricate, complicated, and absolutely vital to the performance of your vehicle. Don't let your car be sub-par; get all the wiring harness parts and Chevelle & Malibu wiring harness sets you need today from Eckler's Chevelle.

Wiring Harnesses If the wiring in your Chevy Chevelle is cracked, patched with electrical tape or has new wiring spliced in, it definitely needs to be replaced. You'll eventually have problems with burned out electrical equipment or even worse, an electrical fire.


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note: 1978-1982 compressor wiring is part of engine harness, except for 1980-81 v/6, 231 c.i. turbo cars. 16455 1972 chevelle & el camino $199.00 41638 1972 chevelle & el camino $249.00 note: this harness must be used together with a new engine harness also modified for int. reg. alt.